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Letter of Abdi-Heba of Jerusalem (Urusalim) (EA 289) (3.92B)

(806 words)

Author(s): Moran, William
Subject: Archival Documents from the Biblical World; Akkadian Archival Documents; Letters; Tell El-Amarna Commentary This letter pursues the charges in  EA 286 against Milk-ilu1 of Gezer (Gazru) and names his fellow-traitors. The lack of a garrison, also mentioned in the earlier letter, is further stressed. Letter of Abdi-Heba of Jerusalem (Urusalim) ( EA 289) (3.92B) Subject: Gen 43:28; 1 Sam 24:9; Isa 60:14; Judg 1:27; Gen 12:6; Num 14:4; Jer 48:45; Ps 91:1; Isa 30:2–3; Lam 4:20; 1 Sam 23:1–13; Gen 42:15–16; 15:21 ( lines 1–4) Say to the king, my lord: Message of Abdi-Heba, yo…