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Letter of Abdi-Heba of Jerusalem (Urusalim) (EA 289) (3.92B)

(806 words)

Author(s): Moran, William
Subject: Archival Documents from the Biblical World; Akkadian Archival Documents; Letters; Tell El-Amarna Commentary This letter pursues the charges in  EA 286 against Milk-ilu1 of Gezer (Gazru) and names his fellow-traitors. The lack of a garrison, also mentioned in the earlier letter, is further stressed. Letter of Abdi-Heba of Jerusalem (Urusalim) ( EA 289) (3.92B) Subject: Gen 43:28; 1 Sam 24:9; Isa 60:14; Judg 1:27; Gen 12:6; Num 14:4; Jer 48:45; Ps 91:1; Isa 30:2–3; Lam 4:20; 1 Sam 23:1–13; Gen 42:15–16; 15:21 ( lines 1–4) Say to the king, my lord: Message of Abdi-Heba, yo…

The Autobiography of Idrimi (1.148)

(1,413 words)

Author(s): Longman III, Tremper
Subject: Canonical Compositions from the Biblical World; Akkadian Canonical Compositions; Royal Focus; Fictional Royal Autobiography Commentary The text is preserved on a statue of Idrimi, discovered by Sir Leonard Woolley in 1939 during his excavations at Tell Atshana (Alalaḫ). Although found in the debris of Level IB (ca. 1200 bce), the stature was dated by most scholars back to Level IV (1500 bce). Presently, the statue is housed at the British Museum. The short statue (1.07 m) represents the king sitting on a throne (which has since been found). It was fashione…

The Inscriptions of Bar-gaʾyah and Matiʿel From Sefire (2.82)

(4,780 words)

Author(s): Fitzmyer, S.J., Joseph A.
Subject: Monumental Inscriptions from the Biblical World; West Semitic Monumental Inscriptions; “Functional” Inscriptions; Treaties Commentary These inscriptions of Sefire (once called Sujin) were discovered by S. Ronzevalle in 1930 in a village southeast of Aleppo. Two of them became the property of the Damascus Museum in 1948. The third stele was acquired by the Beirut Museum in 1956. The three steles are related not only by their provenience, but also by their contents, script, and language. They are inscri…

The Patrons of the Ugaritic Dynasty (KTU 1.161) (1.105)

(1,435 words)

Author(s): Levine, Baruch A. | Tarragon, Jean-Michel de | Robertson, Anne
Subject: Canonical Compositions from the Biblical World; West Semitic Canonical Compositions; Royal Focus; Rephaʾim Texts Commentary  KTU 1.161 is a canonical liturgy, commemorating the accession of the last king of Ugarit, Ammurapi (III), and his queen, Tharyelli. It was first published by Caquot (1975), working only from a cast of the uncleaned tablet. Subsequently, six photographs appeared in Ugaritica7, plates VII-IX. Bordeuil and Pardee (1982) prepared a new edition of  KTU 1.161 based, for the first time, on a careful examination of the tablet in Aleppo.…